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Initial Booking Offering (IBO)

TOP disintermediates the Online Travel Agencies by offering hotels the means to earn travel commission themselves from their guests’ upcoming trips.

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$2.3TN Travel Contribution to Global GDP

5%-60% Hotel Returning Customers

50% Trips Booked Offline


Collaborative hotel booking platform, offering hotels the means to earn travel commission themselves, save on OTA commission and acquire new customer data directly.


TOP disintermediates the OTAs by offering hotels the means to earn travel commission themselves from their guests’ upcoming trips.

We help hotels and airlines become more data driven through Travel Science and the adoption of new generation Big Data technologies, rapidly and at low risk.

Low Commission

Acquire bookings and customer details either for free or at the lowest commission on the market (9.75% target)

Recurring Revenue

Generate recurring, ancillary revenue from your customers even if they never return to your hotel

Loyalty Programs

Strengthen your loyalty programs and improve Net Promoter Score

Competitive Intelligence

Access competitive intelligence tools based on Travel Science that allow your revenue managers to optimise your presence in channels such as own website, OTA, meta-search, Google)


Travel Science combines geo-location time series data with data science and social psychology to predict accurately where will someone travel to next, when will it happen and how satisfied would they be with a choice of venue or destination.

Book Faster

Save time and win rewards when booking with partner hotels

Data Control

Control the data they share with our platform under GDPR rules

Accurate Recommendations

Receive amazingly accurate recommendations that will improve their satisfaction when travelling, be it for business or leisure

Join Now Limited Offer

The supporters pledging the 149 largest amounts may be invited to turn their credits into a direct investment into our company once we go live.

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Our Videos

Interview with Silviu Preoteasa
Our business explained by Maximilian Thiel
Initial Booking Offering (IBO)


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May 2017
Team founded during IATA Hackathon in Dublin

TOP pitched and won the competition in the Leisure Travel category. Soon after we coined the phrase Travel Science and started a 6 weeks incubation program.

August 2017
Released v1.0 of the TOP Travel API

Our team completed the first iteration of the technology product - the underlying API that serves hotel inventory and availability.

September 2017
International feasibility study

Our project won a feasibility grant worth over €10,000 which allowed us to bring a hotel industry veteran to lead our market research efforts.

October 2017
Accepted into Founder Institute Program

Starting 3.5 months of startup bootcamp with Silicon Valley mentors

Successfully secured our lead investor

As we prepare our first fund raise, an experienced angel investor joined us to lead the investment round.

Next Steps

  • Pre-Sale
  • Dynamic Booking Widget
  • Fund Raise
  • Flights Booking Integration

Team & Advisors


Silviu Preoteasa

Ten years after selling my first company I setup the Travel Open Partnership and started a 60-months journey to win back control of distribution for hotels.


Nuno Valinhas

Experienced Hospitality & Travel Online and Digital Marketer. Ambitious, determined, creative, detail-oriented, passionate about branding and marketing, social media evangelist, solution seeker.


Maximilian Thiel

My passion as Customer Success Manager sees me make sure that both hotels, and guests, have a great experience using our products, and get the biggest possible benefit out of working with us!


Darren Cantwell

20 + years of IT exprience ranging from software testing, Desktop support, Server support, Systems Administration, IT management, Large scale online booking soultions.


Mark Lenahan

I provide travel industry knowledge, product marketing support, training (Travel 101), speaking and writing on how the industry (and its technology) works. I help airlines with E-commerce and improving end to end customer experience and loyalty.


Enda Newton

Enda is a corporate law and financial services specialist and has extensive experience in advising on mergers and acquisitions, equity capital markets, corporate re-organisations, shareholder arrangements, corporate fundraising, joint ventures, venture capital and private equity.



  • What is TOP?

    Collaborative online booking platform that disintermediates OTAs by enabling hotels to not only save on booking commissions, but also generate ancillary revenue through their refered guests upcoming travels.

  • What is an IBO (Initial Booking Offering)?

    Short of launching our own blockchain based on Hashgraph, we could not find a fast solution to weave into our travel product. More than once we were advised to make an Initial Coin Offering nevertheless as an effective way to raise capital for development. In the end they both seemed distractions from building the product we think travelers need, but a simpler solution offered itself in their place - we could host ourselves a presale campaign for early backers and potential investors to support our vision from day one.

  • Why isn’t TOP listed on a popular crowdfunding website?

    TOP’s economic model is built on charging hotels a fair commission of 9.75% vs.15-25% charged by the large Online Travel Agents who control hotel distribution today. Before even considering VAT and the transaction fees, that figure is dangerously close to what popular crowdfunding websites would be charging us (7-9%) to host this campaign. We prefer to offer a refund guarantee ourselves and save the 9.75% while allowing early backers to spend their pledged funds to book hotel stays at zero commission once we launch.

  • How can I pledge money to support TOP?

    Please visit and use the form at the bottom of the page to make a pledge. You will receive a reply with instructions to make a payment via credit card or bank transfer upon which we will send you a confirmation. The same very email will be required to activate your account on our platform, and the funds pledged less 9.75% will be credited there ready to be used to book hotels once the service is launched.

  • What will happen with the pledged funds?

    Pledge funds will be used in the following way:

    • 40% booking platform development
    • 10% software development
    • 25% booking engine outreach
    • 25% marketing & admin
  • Isn’t the travel industry very hard for startups?

    By nature, travel is complex. The startups that struggle more are the ones that decide to pick a monopolized area like online distribution, where OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) like or Expedia control the market and “own” hotels booking volume.

  • What are direct bookings and why do they matter so much?

    Direct bookings are considered those which are made on the hotel’s own website, though these might have different sources (ie paid search, display ads, remarketing/retargeting or meta search) to which there might be an acquisition cost associated but not one of commission per booking. Direct bookings also enables hotels to engage more actively with the guest that book direct at all stages of the process: booking, pre and post-stay.

  • What are multi-leg trips and 1-click bookings?

    Multi-leg refers to booking a trip that takes you to multiple destinations. Other online travel websites force you to make a transaction for each hotel and choose arrival and departure dates carefully at each stop along the way. Our proposal is different - our self-service platform will make booking multiple stays in one order as easy as buying multiple items in Amazon, and the 1-click booking will ask you for payment details only once while we take care of settling each travel provider in turn behind the scenes.

  • How will TOP compete with large companies like and Expedia?

    Not on marketing spend. TOP’s vision is to engage all hotels to work collaboratively, benefiting from each other. For hotels, the highest commission they will pay is 9.75% and only for those customers who haven’t been referred by them. For all returning customers, hotels are subject to 0% commission. Also, TOP enables hotels to generate ancillary revenue from customers that might not stay ever again with them, allowing each one of these customer's lifetime value to expand significantly vs OTAs.

  • What is the TOP user acquisition strategy?

    One primary source of acquisition will be the customer referral system which each participating hotel will onboard for its own benefit. A secondary source will be organic growth through word of mouth and customers referral of other customers. We’ll be open to other potential tactics but one of our goals is to have a marketing budget as closest to zero spend as possible.

  • Isn’t PPC advertising in Google and Facebook prohibitively expensive for startups?

    It is. We can’t think of a better answer. That’s one of the reasons we aim to avoid them completely.

  • How will TOP acquire hotel listings and secure room inventory?

    From day one, TOP will have its inventory pulled from bed banks. Once hotels start to claim their own profile on our platform, we’ll be able to integrate their own booking engines and/or channel managers, so that inventory and rates are as direct as possible.

  • Why would users switch to TOP?

    For now, TOP will only provide accommodation options, but flights, transfers, car rental, tours and activities will progressively be added to our portfolio of products, allowing customers to book (in 1 click) their entire trip under a single platform, as well as change and cancel without hassle, any of their trip elements. Also, TOP will be continuously monitor OTAs prices and provide rate matching or offer better rates.

  • How will TOP prevent users from going back to and Expedia?

    Offering fair commission and better rates is only the beginning, saving you time from searching multiple sites. But we also aim to provide a frictionless checkout process and let the system learn how to serve you better with every booking. Our software developers are focused on minimizing technology debt already and confident we can retain our lean startup advantage all the way to the mature phase of the company.

  • What are the risks and challenges beyond the pre-sale campaign goal?

    They say no plan survives first encounter with the real world unchanged. We have used simulated data with the Monte Carlo method to predict the right commission levels and recent breakthroughs in game theory (Prisoner’s Dilemma and a variant of it called Public Goods) to model hotels and travelers behavior. There are still unknown unknowns out there we cannot predict, and for those we plan to remain alert and highly flexible.

  • How will TOP become profitable?

    The plan allows for our first year of operation to start working with hotels direct and setup the referral model, grow the user base while introducing flights, car rental and car hire in the coming year and reaching high enough booking volumes to become profitable in year 3.

  • How can I become an investor in TOP?

    Please support us on our pre-sale campaign page or contact us directly at [email protected] - the top 149 backers may be invited to join our investment round.

  • When is TOP expecting to launch for the public?

    Q1 2018.

  • What is the TOP long term strategy?

    To establish itself as a trusting partner for each hotel online distribution, provide a fairer competition across the sector and change the way customers plan and book their travels.

  • How else can I help TOP succeed?

    Register to our mailing list, follow us on social media and tell your friends about our vision for the future of online travel bookings. If you know any hotel operators or other travel providers, help us with warm introductions and share your intelligence with us. We will only succeed together.


We need your help to get there.

We are raising €250,000 in a pre-sale campaign by offering travel enthusiasts the opportunity to be part of our journey. You may pledge any of the amounts below and receive the equivalent amount in travel credits to be used at 0% commission on our platform. If you change your mind once we launch you will receive your money back, no questions asked. The supporters pledging the 149 largest amounts may be invited to turn their credits into a direct investment into our company once we go live. We invite everyone interested to contact us for any questions at [email protected] . We’re always happy to help and are looking forward to working with you.

102% Funded
€254,521 Raised
Days to Go
315 Pledges