Dynamic Content — A killer marketing tool for

live data in your emails

Smart Content for Smart Customers

Your current emails are boring. There, we said it!
Your customers are busy. They don't have time for emails that aren't relevant to them. Our platform lets you cut through the noise with the perfect email experience for everyone, every time.

When you generate a dynamic content banner, it automatically works with any parameters given on the fly, just like magic!

Any marketer Anyone can create high performance, personalized content with real-time data.

Personalize content in your email at the moment of open.

Automatically generate 1:1 personalized content to create a unique and innovative customer experience in your emails.

Stand out in a crowded inbox with content that boosts revenue with real-time information.

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    A Different Experience

    This animated countdown built for JetBlue Airlines, pulls the remaining time before check-in and offers customers limited time offers on ancillaries.

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    Awareness of arrival conditions

    This dynamic image updates automatically inside your email depending on how the weather changes at your arrival destination.

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    Book your next trip

    This dynamic images updates directly inside your email based on your current destination and offers you suggestions on your next booking based on your profile and distance from the city centre.

No more dull emails

We make emails stand out - no more dull, generic emails. With Dynamic Content every time you open a message, the information inside is refreshed in real time - it can be the updated weather forecast at destination in a booking confirmation email, the most recent hotel rates and best deals in a quote email, or smart upgrades to your flights or hotel choices as you prepare to go on your trip, live pricing and inventory, polls, personalized offers and loyalty reward balances, and much more.

We are dedicated to 1:1 personalization. We strive to deliver the right information through the proper channel.


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